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Who do we help

Our Projects

Hygiene Drive

Various health awareness programs such as hygiene drive were carried out under

Support for Education

Foundation helps institutions in two ways. One, there are those whose monetary

Medical Camp

Medical camps were organized successfully in UP’s Muzaffar Nagar and Bi-har’s Bettiah.

Water Pump Project

A free-for-all water pump project was initiated and completed in a short span

Vaporizer Distribution

During the devastating second wave of Covid-19 where thousands died

Emergency Help

Financial assistance was provided by the foundation to a local businessman in Delhi

Qurbani Projects

Under the Qurbani project, foundation got 75 animals slaugh-tered in 7 different states

Winter Drive

Winter clothes, blankets and Hoodies have been distributed in a successful

Flood Relief

Foundation participated actively under the guidance of Maulana Azhari in the relief

Financial Assistance

When a Pohingyan camp was burnt out by some evil elements in Delhi, foundation

Lockdown Relief Kit

Relief kits were given to thousands of poor families in UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Delhi

Ramadan Project

Ramadan is a seasonal once-in-a-year project under which ration kits were distributed

Help Slum Children

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