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Serving the Humanity

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Al-Falah Foundation is a non-profit educational and charitable Organization based in NY, USA. Al-Falah runs various projects in India for the Muslim community. Here is a brief outline of our Activities in India during the year 2020. 

MEDICAL CAMP This year started with the successful Arrangement of a medical camp in Muzaffarnagar,Uttar Pradesh.This success was made possible with the managerial support of the Human Welfare society, a local organization in Qidwai Nager, Muzaffarnagar. About 650 patients benefited from the medical comp.

Some Projects
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Earn Your Paradise

By Giving Sadaqa-e-Jariah (Continuous Charity).

Most of us spend around $1 to $3 on coffee or other things daily, without giving it a second thought. As a community if we direct the same amount or even part of it towards supporting the Slum Children, Insha’Allah, it will ensure a better healthy and financial condition of them.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said

"The most beloved actions to Allah are those which are the most constant (regular), even if they are little."


"The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity."