Feeding Program organised at Rohingya Camp Delhi

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One of the important activities in the Indo-Nepal activities of Al Falah Foundation is the regular feeding program.

Under which the most deserving and needy people are identified and fed every month, fortnightly, weekly or daily in separate areas of both countries. Feeding programs are organized occasionally in many madrassas of Bihar and campuses of Assam especially in Budaun Orphanage, Aligarh School, Al Falah School of Nepal, Madrasah for Girls in Kolkata.

Every feeding program is sponsored by our well wishers. If we count the feeding program for the whole year (including Ramadan and Muharram), there have been more than 100 feeding programs this year and so far in the last few years. The number of these feeding programs is increasing day by day.

In the Rohingya refugee camp in Delhi, there is often a feeding program sponsored by Brother Majdud Siddiqui and his family. Even today on 15th October 2023, a feeding program was organized in the Rohingya camp by Majdood Bhai, which was a sponsored feeding program by Syed S. Qadir and family.

May Allah accept their charity, Ameen.